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A desperate clan war rages around him and a malevolent adversary lurks in the darkness, calling for blood. Evelyn Woodhouse is an English refugee with a dangerous secret. She has the ability to see the outcome of tomorrow's battle and knows they're on the wrong side of it. When a doomed and silent mercenary rescues her from a fate worse than death, it seems he has his own plans for her.

This is his last night alive and she's never been able to defy destiny.

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Connor — He should never have kissed her Laird Connor MacLauchlan doesn't want a wife, but he finds his Berserker mate in the heat of battle. Though he fears for her safety from the darkness that lurks inside him, fate dictates he must take her and make her his She was meant to be his enemy's bride Noble beauty Lindsay Ross has been sold to the highest bidder. On her way to meet her vile betrothed, a savage and mythic warrior slaughters her entire vanguard. Now she's his captive and he seems determined to claim her body for his own.

Kyle even wrote his own questions to accompany the piece! Discover how unique you are! Through her story, kids can learn more about the arachnid that is commonly found in the Arizona desert.

Find out more. Watch for more details about the HelpTeaching. Here at Help Teaching, data protection is something we take very seriously.

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Measures we are taking include:. For more information on the specifics of GDPR, please read the regulation or this summary. This year, HelpTeaching. Aspiring writers in high school and college were invited to submit an informational article or short story for kids. After reviewing hundreds of entries, the field was narrowed down to ten finalists.

The pieces submitted by the finalists deal with topics ranging from fitting in and learning life lessons to understanding where money comes from. Read on to discover more about the finalists.

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This poem, written by Emma Granger, a student at the University of Manitoba, introduces kids to the important components of food and how they work in their bodies. Kids will learn the difference between fats, lipids, proteins, among others and discover why they truly are what they eat. We chose this poem as a finalist because it offers a unique and engaging format and also contains a lot of information for kids. Kendall Nicely, who will be attending Sweet Briar College in the fall, introduces kids to the parts of the brain through her short informational article.

Kids can learn about each of the four lobes of the brain and, through the questions, identify key characteristics of those lobes. We chose this piece as a finalist because the information is presented in a kid-friendly, easy-to-follow format. Have you ever wondered what makes a genius?

Natalie Boubion, a student at UC Davis, answers the question in her short, informational article. People like Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein are considered geniuses, but how did they earn that title. We chose this article as a finalist because it presents a thoughtful discussion related to an interesting question. Not only can kids learn where money comes from, but they can gain an understanding of the importance of the money supply.

We chose this article as a finalist because, in addition to the helpful information, the article contains key vocabulary words related to the economy.

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Those words are written in bold throughout the article and included in a word bank at the end of the article. Shae Sager, a junior at Montana State University — Bozeman, wrote a short story written from the point of view of a tiger at two key stages in its life. Kids can read about the playful tiger cub, and then see how the tiger has changed by the end of this life. We chose this story as a finalist because of its unique perspective and the fact that it can be used as a lesson in comparison and contrast. Her story, Rainy Dog Saturday, tells the story of an eight-year-old boy who cannot find anything fun to do on a rainy day.

However, when he hears a sound at the door, his day starts to become a little more interesting. Published on Saturday, December 17th, , in The Guardian. I would like to respond to your readers who are concerned about government implementing a carbon tax. On Thursday, David Campbell wrote a letter which expressed similar concerns. Campbell makes a number of points on which we both agree. The issue of poverty is a concern which I also share. People on low incomes need to be able to work, eat, and heat their homes. Another point made was regarding an increase in taxation with no foreseeable benefit.

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It is important to critically assess the taxes we are paying and how they are spent. Something to consider, however, is the urgency and severity of the climate crisis facing humanity. Ninety-nine per cent of scientists have concluded that 1 global warming is happening, 2 , there is a connection to greenhouse gases, which our civilization emits such as carbon dioxide and methane , and therefore it is caused or exacerbated by humans.

The Arctic is melting, and global temperatures are increasing. As sea levels rise, we on a low-lying Island should be particularly concerned. Islanders who remain unconvinced should make the trek to Lennox Island and ask locals to show how much land has been lost in the past few decades.

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Considering the scale of this disaster, we must incentivize efficiency on a national and international scale. So how do we protect the most vulnerable among us? Perhaps the tax should be implemented gradually, with savings, credits, and other incentives to transition to alternatives for heating and transportation. We should force Maritime Electric to cap electric prices. We should lift taxes in other areas, to relieve the burden on the consumer. A guaranteed minimum income would also ensure that no one would suffer the indignity of destitution. Do we run from this challenge due to the shortsightedness and greed of oil companies, their lobbyists, and the political parties they fund?

We must do everything as a civilization to mitigate this catastrophe unfolding before our eyes. Thank you. When it comes to a carbon tax, the worst thing that could happen is that people will not only be paying more, but the money will be gobbled up by government and never actually used to help lower carbon emissions.

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Revenue Neutral : Taxing procedure that allows the government to still receive the same amount of money despite changes in tax laws. The government may lower taxes for one particular group of people, but raise taxes for another group. This allows the revenue that they receive to remain unchanged neutral. Fiscally Neutral : Fiscal neutrality occurs when taxes and government spending are neutral, with neither having an effect on demand. Fiscal neutrality creates a condition where demand is neither stimulated nor diminished by taxation and government spending.

A balanced budget is an example of fiscal neutrality, where government spending is covered almost exactly by tax revenue — in other words, where tax revenue is equal to government spending. A situation where spending exceeds the revenue generated from taxes is called a fiscal deficit and requires the government to borrow money to cover the shortfall. When tax revenues exceed spending, a fiscal surplus results, and the excess money can be invested for future use. Fiscally neutral means government gets to take in additional tax revenue and they are just saying they will spend all of the additional tax they take in — no more — no less.

The Premier is an academic, and very careful with his words, so I think this is a deliberate attempt to make Islanders think we are getting something like BC has, but instead it is a thinly disguised tax grab.