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If they weren't they would stop trying to rewrite them into a doctrine for gain, for hire and for mammon. Keith Arndt, Wisconsin, US To understand this verse you must understand 2 Corinthians ch8 v9 which reads: "do you know the GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich yet for your sakes he became poor so that you through his poverty might be rich In order for the camel to go through that gate termed the eye of the needle it had to unload the money bags which the merchants put on it He unloaded his wealth and took our poverty If you translate them in literal meaning you would find yourself Nicodemusing..

Eric Amobi, Takoradi Ghana No-one will take any possessions with them to heaven. However it is not money that is evil but the love of it, putting it ahead of God.

To say rich people will not enter heaven is somewhat of a stretch. Jesus had followers who were rich. Lydia was a seller of Purple therefore a wealthy business woman. Jesus was buried in his wealthy friend's tomb. These are just two that we know of. There have been as many wealthy people as poor throughout the centuries who have loved and followed the Lord. The important thing is the place in your heart that money holds and whether you hoard and are selfish with your wealth or if you are generous and use it to help others.

The Difference Between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven

Rosalie Dann, Tauranga New Zealand It seems that most people appear to be relying on what they have traditionally believed or what they have heard. The eye of the needle is in fact not only narrow, but only tall enough for a human to get through. Thus, a camel would not only have to unload the baggage, but come through the gate on it's knees. Thus, in order for a rich man to be saved, not only must he unload his possessions, but he must also kneel before God.

This is consistent with Christ's response to the rich man in directing him to give away his possessions and follow Him. Both are necessary. Mike, Chicago U. I think we should not allow this to become a battle that is not worth the potential casualties it can produce. Whatever the facts about the actual terms "camel" and "eye of a needle", we can clearly surmise that Jesus intends that we know that, if a rich man enters the "Kingdom of God," it will be with extreme difficulty.

It should also be pointed out that, because of God's mercy, He cleverly provides a message of hope by the carefully crafted way in which the worded the proclamation. In it, we can deduce that even though it will be difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, because of his lust for worldly possessions and monetary wealth, it is possible that man can escape the inevitable consequence of greed by renouncing money as it becomes his god and accepting Christ in its place which in actuality is the challenge. None the less, I am convinced that this passage of scripture does not insist that a rich man absolutely cannot enter the kingdom of God.

I discovered a commentator scholar working on a bible can't remember which one but it was around 10th century. This commentator spoke about the meaning of this passage to friends who had travelled to Egypt. They recalled seeing a gate in Egypt called the eye of the needle and stated maybe Jerusalam had a gate like this as well. The commentator put it in the bible as a footnote reference and as time went on it took off.

Logically the needle gate makes sense, did it exist, who knows because there is so much information for and against, is there any way to prove either side, I doubt it. Tim Reimer, Steinbach Canada Since Jesus spoke these words, there should be no debate as to a gate named "the eye of the needle". Jesus himself says it existed, so we know that it did. This parable is not about wealth and rich people.

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It is about reverence and belief in God. In order for the camel to pass this gate, the camel would have to go down on its knees; it could not be laden with worldly goods. This does not mean that rich people can't go to heaven; it means that all men who humble themselves to God can. William Tarn, San Angelo, Texas There is no reliable source that discusses there being any gate called the eye of the needle. That was due to a single 9th century source. It says what it means regardless of how uncomfortable that may be for the rich.

Use your wealth to care for the poor. The rich man asked Jesus what he must do to enter Heaven and was referred to God's commandments.

Kingdom Foundations and Functional Faith – Part 2

His answer was "All these things have I observed from my youth up. Remember that Jesus said elsewhere that "all the law and the prophets" hang on our love for God and man. Only God can give us this love, therefore it is impossible for man to keep the law without God's love dwelling in him! We must die to self "take up the cross", Mark and selfishness in order to live in Christ and His love. Christ's love will compel us to share what we have with those who have not, which is "pure religion and undefiled"! James Randy, Texas USA Personally I think Jesus meant that if a rich man who carried himself like His primary subject came to Him, it would be completely impossible for him to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And the apparatus he used was to provoke us to see the point, so if the needle gate exists, well and good, if it doesn't, no problems, still the primary meaning won't be lost. Vincent Ouma, Mombasa, Kenya In the Jewish culture it was not uncommon for people to speak using "word pictures. It makes more sense that Jesus was saying that in order to please YHWH one would have to choose obedience and life over worldly goods than that it is impossible to please HIM if one is wealthy.

As mentioned by others previously, Jesus had many wealthy followers, and was also "ministered to by women of substance.

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The concept of a physical "Eye of the Needle Gate" seems more consistent with His message as a whole than the "impossible" reasoning. USA It's fun to watch rich Christians dance around this passage while defending their wealth. The number of rumours they come up with about gates and mountain passages A rich man cannot enter heaven, because his riches could have been used to save people from famine, illness or any other number of ailments.

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But it hasn't. That money could still do a whole lot of Christian good, but it won't.

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It will fund Bill's lifestyle. Now to you and me, that's fair enough. He's earned that money. It's his to do with a he pleases. I remember a parable, not sure if it's in the Bible.

A rich man donated half his wealth to a charity, and a poor man donated everything he had. The poor man's belongings made much less of an impact than the rich man's, but the poor man was blessed. Liam Pentland, Durham UK Jews created a religious system whereby people were required to pay the priests for sacrifices at the alter. Rich people were virtually guaranteed Heaven because they could buy their way in. Jesus knew the heart of the rich man and saw his pride in his obedience to the false law system created by Jews.

I believe he was telling the rich man that his God was his wealth but he was also telling his disciples that no one can buy their way into heaven. I think he meant to illustrate the impossibility of that fact by using the impossibility of a literal camel passing through the eye of a literal needle. I don't think the passage has anything to do with having money. It's about Jesus proclaiming there is but one way to heaven and God provided it through His Son With the Father, all things are possible.

When his disciples asked how anyone could be then saved, they were asking from the basis of their understanding of the religious system they knew. Jesus was saying that if you follow the law and the system, you must then be perfect in it.

Eye of a needle

And it's not only the rich holding on to his or possessions. It could be relationship, work, time or any things shift your focus from eternal things or things of God. You will have to lay aside a lot of things to be able to enter the the kingdom of God. We have also need understand the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of God to understand thoroughly what Jesus meant when He made that statement. Evans Agyekum, Kumasi Ghana There is a good BBC documentary that gives evidence that Jesus followed the silk road to the East and studied at a Buddhist Monastery, and that he returned there after his supposed resurrection to preach until his death in old age.

All of his parables are derived from Buddhist teachings reinterpreted into the Jewish society he was trying to bring to awakening to grace. Here he states in a few words a Buddhist teaching. There is nothing wrong with wealth so long as you do good with it. As said above Jesus was supported by many wealthy supporters as was the following after he departed.

https://itlauto.com/wp-includes/other/3546-surveillance-iphone-6.php Many were wealthy displaced Greeks who could not become Roman citizens. I tend to think the Aramaic mistranslation is correct and the footnote in the 10th century is correct.

Just because some person today 'walked around' and found no small gate does not mean that 2, years ago there were not small exit gates referred to as such. The rich who tithed at the temple to buy there way to god were fooling themselves. All must in fact leave this earth with nothing. Enough with your second and third homes and fancy cars and diamonds and pearls.