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Freshly graduated from holistic health school, holding high hopes and enthusiastic visions of a successful career, I had no idea of the even more radical twist my life was about to take. For a while events unfolded as I had foreseen. It looked like something right up my alley.

It would be nice to find some metaphysically like-minded people to New Age around with. I called the number and talked for a while with a sweet-sounding lady who was the director. She informed me that this Center was composed of a loosely affiliated group of people who would attend free-of-charge lectures and programs on various New Age topics.

There was no membership, no fees, and no commitment necessary. During the conversation, I offered to give a free evening lecture on holistic health sometime. She agreed and we set a date.

Later, after the presentation, Vicki, the director, and I chatted for a while after every one else had gone. She told me in a light but honest way that she virtually detested health foods and all that holistic health craze. I thought she was a pleasant person, but definitely not my type. There was definitely some static behind our friendly demeanor toward one another, but strangely enough there was a growing spiritual attraction.

Somehow, we would find ourselves talking late into the night after a meeting was over, even as we carefully positioned ourselves at very opposite ends of a long couch. Time after time this would happen. But there was a mutual spiritual attraction that was growing so strong that it started to frighten us.

Over several weeks we searched in our meditations for direction regarding this alarming situation. The idea of meditating with a hunk of rock sounded patently ridiculous. After laughing about the idea for a couple of days, I decided to give it a shot. Only minutes after focusing on the crystal in a state of trance-like meditation, my consciousness was catapulted into electrifying domains of extra-natural light the likes of which I had never before perceived. For the rest of the week my crystal-aided meditations brought vivid visions of strange high-tech machines and contraptions all using crystal in different ways.

It was like stepping into a science fiction novel about technologies on an alien planet. I also saw visions of a high-crystal-tech holistic health clinic with lasers, holography, color beams, glowing liquids, and more in this mind-boggling sci-fi film.

- New Age Deception And Psychobabble - Pt. 1

Several close friends remarked on a distinct change in my demeanor. Somehow, they said, I was more charged and outgoing. I felt blissful, as if I had found an entirely new part of myself. Sure, all this was a blast and I was riding a high like I had never known, but later there would be a very dear price to pay for all this occult adventurism. A dear price indeed. With seemingly providential timing, a man called the New Age Awareness Center to see if the center would sponsor his 1-day crystal workshop.

Vicki and I marvelled at this uncanny coincidence. I thought that this was a crazy idea, but went ahead and tried it anyway. We were guided to explore various sensory perceptions of the crystal structure — are there any sounds, how does it feel, what do you see, etc. Almost everyone in the workshop experienced some perceptions, though they were all different from each other.

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In a later guided meditation, I saw a vision of a large library composed solely of different sizes and shapes of crystals, each containing volumes of stored information, like a sci-fi, futuristic concept. I also saw elaborate crystal computers glowing and scintillating with multicolored electric charges.

Funny thing about the alien technicians, they worked together wordlessly like a bunch of bees in a coordinated group synchrony. This was getting a little crazy. After the workshop, my mind was reeling with the new ideas, trying to comprehend this new world that was opening up inside of me. I really was getting hooked on crystals. Shortly thereafter I went to a psychic fair in Dallas. He was not giving psychic readings about people, but rather about crystals. He said that he could tell you the history of the crystal, what kind of information it contained, and what its best uses were.

He had been involved in crystals for a number of years already, and knew much more than I did. At the time — the very early 80s — crystal power was still very much a lesser-known, unpopular topic. I really had never thought much about UFOs before, but the stories were utterly fascinating. It was a strange-looking, blackish, ovoid-shaped stone with thousands of tiny spines sticking out all around it.

Years later I found out that this was a rock called tektite, the unusual characteristics of which still cause debate among scientists as to whether it is a type of meteor. The Grand Alignment was fast approaching. Such times always seem to bring out the most dramatic experiences in New Agers.

We were no different. As the moment of Grand Alignment came to pass, Vicki and I both independently came to a decision to move from East Texas. We did what many New Agers would do — we got out a map of the USA and used a pendulum to divine our next destination. We also decided that because of the deep bond we shared in doing our New Age light-work that we should be married.

That there was no romance between us was secondary — we just felt that we should be together. It was an unusual strain of New Age thinking, to be sure.

And, typical of New Agers, we wanted to do it in a mystical location. The Marfa Lights are sightings of strange luminous appearances that seem to center around Marfa, dating back to American Indian times. Many myths and legends surround this unexplained phenomenon. New Agers love this kind of thing. Over the next couple of months we planned our move to the promising metaphysical horizons of Santa Fe.

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  • Though we had little money, no jobs waiting, and little idea of what we actually were going to do there, we simply trusted in our inner guidance and the tail of the pendulum. We did the spiritual marriage ritual in this utterly desolate location.

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    • We felt like intrepid metaphysical voyagers seeking out new vistas, charting new lands. Little did we know that our years in northern New Mexico would exceed our wildest dreams — and we could dream pretty wildly. Shasta , California , Maui , Hawaii , and Sedona , Arizona are other prime examples of such metaphysical magnets. Santa Fe in those days — the late 70s to early 80s — was really like an isolated microcosm of the New Age Movement.

      In some ways it was like a miniature Southwest version of the leading-edge San Francisco-based New Age subculture. If something New Age really was happening it would be happening in Santa Fe.

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      The metaphysical menu was always extensive and dynamically changing. For the exploring New Ager, this was a paradise. The unique South-western combination of high desert, mesas, and mountains, as well as the smell of pinyon in the air, can be breathtaking at times. Exploring the mystical landscapes of the Southwest was our quest.

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      There was much to explore and many surprises. The spiritual honeymoon was a head-turning one, though a most New Age one. The spirit world began to speak to us explicitly and directly. All of a sudden Vicki would go into a trance. Then a spirit would come into her body and animatedly speak. These electrically compelling spirits would come in and identify themselves, and then proceed to convey some august universal message of great import.

      They would answer my questions with what sounded like great wisdom and supernatural prescience. The power emanating from these spirits was overwhelming and entrancingly intoxicating. She was totally oblivious to what was being said and done.