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Fine Dictionary. WordNet 3.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. List a strip, border, prob. In literature: I am indebted to Arthur Lister, of London, for the determination of my specimens.

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Watson-Lister of Australia and Mrs. Dora B. Montefiore of England addressed a number of meetings. Anthony Lister, the Vicar, taught for just over six months at the same rate, and on August 25, , the Rev. I prefer large, healthy, two-year-old trees, planted with a lister, subsoil plow, and spade. A second letter was sent to Mayor Merrill and in it was enclosed a copy of the letter to Lister.

Miss Roma Lister found traces of Orpheus among the peasantry about Rome, in a pretty tradition. When introduced by Lister into surgical practice they led to revolutionary advances in surgery.

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I was their Patron, And set them up for life. Walker was 12 years younger than Lister and, by all accounts, a whole lot shyer. After selecting a pair of rings , they took communion together on Easter Sunday, , at the Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate in York. So far as Lister and Walker were concerned, the shared Easter service was their stand-in wedding ceremony.

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They never mentioned this to the church , and their marriage went unrecognized in the eyes of the law. Lister didn't make a lot of friends among her tenants. Her notoriety only increased after she began her new domestic life with Walker. Although residents of the broader community depended on that well, Lister considered it family property.

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So to assert her control over the situation, she had a barrel of tar dumped into the water—making it unfit for consumption. In retaliation, effigies of both Lister and Walker were burned. Throughout her life, Lister maintained a passion for traveling. In , Lister and Walker toured eastern Europe. That autumn, the couple was out exploring present-day Georgia the country when Lister came down with a horrible fever, possibly as the result of a tick bite.

Walker brought Lister's remains back to England, where they were buried at Halifax Minster. Lister left behind a volume diary encompassing a grand total of pages and roughly 5 million words. She started documenting her fascinating life in , when she was just 15 years old. Around one-sixth of the preserved pages were transcribed in code. The code Lister used was an odd, punctuation-free mixture of ancient Greek letters and algebraic signs.

Toward the end of the 19th century, John Lister, one of her surviving relatives, successfully cracked the code with the help of his friend, Arthur Burrell. But once he figured out what the documents actually said, John hid them away, lest they attract a scandal. Whitbread then published decoded editions of the diaries, and the rest is history. Now does he really say "Carrie!

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So, just tell us a bit more about you and your writing journey.

The entire scene was dubbed. I said "There she George would never have allowed me to say "Carrie" even if I wanted to as a joke, which I didn't. It makes no sense. From reading poetry to construction workers in New York City to washing dishes at house parties in Scotland, Bill Murray seems to appear only in the strangest settings.