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He can hardly walk. Let me know as soon as he comes. He got very depressed after his failure. They crushed all resistance. They flattened his nose. They flattened themselves against the wall. They put a coat of paint on the chair. How much do you bet?

I bet I get there before you. Rest your foot on that step.

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No one supported his motion. I second the motion. He's leaning on a cane.

Fonseca - Eres Mi Sueño

I have great respect for him. Don't walk so fast; we'll get there on time. Please hurry; we're late already. This collar's too tight.

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He pressed down on the suitcase to close it. He gripped my hand. The runner sprinted on the last lap. There was such a crowd that nobody saw anything. He does everything very quickly. I don't approve of his conduct. Did you pass your math exam? The boss had to advance him some money. She made use of all the left-overs.

Eres única

Don't let him take advantage of you. Don't go too near the fire. You're aiming too low to hit the target. Jot it down in your notebook. They drained their glasses. The situation worries me very much. I bought that scarf we looked at yesterday.

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I like this book better than that one. I'll wait for you in here. From now on we'll have to spend less money.

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Three pages have been torn out. We saw the car start. On a sudden impulse I returned to my home town. This car has a self-starter. He gets everything because he's a bootlicker. He was dragged along by the current. Be careful, your coat's dragging. They crawled out of the cave. Is everything arranged for the trip?

I think they'll fix the radio this afternoon. Tidy up a bit and we'll go to the movies. How can I manage to finish on time? We did it according to your instructions.