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This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Take, take, take the little moment Don't, don't, don't forget to hold 'em Stay, stay, stay a little longer Can, can, can you hear the night talk?

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Two hearts beating on a sidewalk Put your head on my shoulder I want to matter when we go outside, and Hold your hand when we say goodnight, and Tell you how I'm gonna to make our dreams come true All because of you I made a promise in the morning breezes You can have all the space you need, and You know me better than you'll ever need to prove All because of you All because of you Wake, wake, wake up to you smiling Don't, don't, don't know where the time went Can we dance a little slower?

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    Pandora: search for… O. This is a great track! The lyrics seem to deal with love, but is is requited or unrequited love…? That day, we met in the darkness. Look — before it grows light.

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    My heart beats fast for some reason in anticipation of a new journey. What do I want? A painful trap lies beneath hope. I was unaware that the clamour around me had grown silent.

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    Only two hearts beat. Your breath turns to vapour and fades away.

    How lonesome. A dream journey.

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    Innocent smiles pierce my jealousy. I wonder if staying the same forever is true happiness? I felt that the night ended.

    I loved you, but why, why? Without saying anything, why, why…?

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    I take a deep breath. The slightest effort makes me nervous. I yearn and the days I imagine come to an end. What should I do? I wonder why… My feelings squeeze my heart so tight it could break.